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Zhengzhou Kaixue Cold Chain Co., Ltd.

independent refrigeration units KSD-1200

Air Treatment Appliances
independent refrigeration units KSD-1200


Offer Type: Sell

Offer Category: Air Treatment Appliances  -  Air Conditioner-Ceiling

Offer Post Time: 2017-02-21

Serial Code:

Model: KSD-1200


Carriage: Qingdao/Shanghai


Minimum Order Quantity: Unknown

Price: 0.00 USD



Model Drive mode Refrigerant Cooling capacity(W) Blowing rate Dimension(mm) Weight(Kg) Apply for
0℃/+30℃ -18℃/+30℃ m³/h Outside dimension Evaporator cut-out dimension (m³)
KSD-1000 Engine R404a 7925 5165 2580 1825x860x630 1245x350 495 35~55
Stand by 6515 4490
KSD-1200 Engine 10960 6785 2785 1915x970x690 1245x350 582 50~65

  Key feature:

  1. Suitable for large truck van.

  2. Power supply by imported 3 cylinder engine,decreasing the failure rate.

  3. With 220V/50hz stand-by power.

  4. Connect pipe between evaporator and condenser are very short, easy installation and decreasing leak chance.

  5. Axial flow fan,large blowing rate,long life, low noisy.

  6. Core using internal thread, high efficiency,cooling fast.

  7. Full function electronic controll, power-on self test, star and stop according to setting temperature,precise temperature control and so on.

  8. Two starting mode of the engine and complete date monitoring to ensure the equipment's profer working.

  9. Automatic conversion between engine mode and stand-by power mode.